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China Brand Wash Down

China Brand Wash Down

Wash down, also named cleaning solution or cleaning liquid, is transparent fluid. Main ingredients of China brand wash down (Kenuohua/Saturn/Shenou/Leadjet/Kingly/ Boda) are butanone. Wash down is used to clean print head of the printer.

1. Its high quality is comparable to original cleaning solutions, such as Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje, Hitachi, Linx, Matthews, Metronic, Matthews, Rottweil, and so on.
2. WDD has its own factory, so we can guarantee you the lowest price.
3. Our packaging method conforms to international export standard, which can make sure perfect condition of wash down during transportation.
4. We have more than 10 years’ experience in ink cleaning fluid manufacturing.
5. Our China brand wash down has passed SGS certification.

Cleaning Method
1. Take down print head from printer, and drain the rest ink in print head, then refill wash down to soak for over ten hours.
2. Use small ultrasonic to vibrate the print head. After each vibration, withdraw the fluid in print head using injector. Each vibration is no more than three minutes.

Notes about China Brand Wash Down
Please refer to instruction book before using. Cleaning solution is volatile, inflammable and explosive. It must be stored in sealed bottles and put in a ventilated place for safety. The place for storing the ink cleaning fluid must be away from fire, static electricity and smoke. The inks cleaning fluid can irritate and inhibit central nervous system. It should be avoided to inhale or touch. Fresh air is a must when you breathe in the vapor. Once the wash solution splashes into eyes, please wash with fresh water. The cleaning liquids are harmful or deadly to swallow. When something urgent medical situation happens, please consult a doctor. In room temperature (about 15 to 25°C), Chinese brand inkjet inks can be kept for two years.

Parameters of China Brand Wash Down

WDD Product Name Description Volume(L) Base Application Bottle/Carton
WDD Kenuohua CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16
WDD Saturn CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16
WDD Shenou CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16
WDD Leadjet CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16
WDD Kingly CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16
WDD Boda CIJ White 1 MEK Cleaning 16

Goods can be delivered by air, sea or as your requirement.

WDD is a professional printing ink supplier in China. Main products cover industrial inkjet ink, solvent ink and ink cleaning solution. Our inkjet consumables are of high quality and highly compatible with original consumables, but the price we offer is much lower. China brand wash down is the corresponding cleaning fluid for WDD’s Chinese brand inkjet inks.

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