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DOD Inkjet Printer

Drop on demand inkjet printers adopt reliable and durable inkjet printing technology. Each print-head contains several independent valves (usually 7, 16 or 32) that print dots at regular intervals. The valves are able to open and close independently, thus form ink drops on demand to print characters on your product as the product is conveyed to the print-head. DOD inkjet printer adopts rugged inkjet technology that can utilize a wide variety of inks and mark on many different substrates, such as cases, bags, lumbers and metals. DOD inkjet printers provide wide flexibility and it is suitable for printing marks of low or medium resolution.

Drop on demand inkjet printer is divided into thermal DOD and piezoelectric DOD.
For the thermal drop on demand (DOD) inkjet printer, the print cartridges contain a series of tiny chambers, each containing a heater. To eject a droplet from each chamber, a pulse of current is passed through the heating element causing a rapid vaporization of the ink in the chamber to form a bubble, which causes a large pressure increase, propelling a droplet of ink onto the paper. The ink's surface tension and condensation and thus contraction of the vapor bubble, pulls a further charge of ink into the chamber through a narrow channel attached to an ink reservoir. The inks used are usually water-based. The inks used must have a volatile component to form the vapor bubble, otherwise droplet ejection cannot occur. As no special materials are required, the print head is generally cheaper to produce than in other inkjet technologies.
Most commercial and industrial inkjet printers use a piezoelectric material in an ink-filled chamber behind each nozzle instead of a heating element. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric material changes shape, which generates a pressure pulse in the fluid forcing a droplet of ink from the nozzle. Piezoelectric drop on demand inkjet printer allows a wider variety of inks than thermal DOD as there is no requirement for a volatile component, but the print heads are more expensive to manufacture due to the use of piezoelectric material. A DOD process uses software that directs the heads to apply from zero to eight droplets of ink per dot, only where needed. Piezoelectric inkjet technology is often used on production lines to mark products. In this application the head is stationary and the product moves past. Requirements of this application are high speed, a long service life, a relatively large gap between the print head and the substrate, and low operating cost.

1. Drop on demand inkjet printer is suitablr for tough environments, such as dust, shocks and vibrations.
2. DOD inkjet printers are simple to operate and require minimal maintenance. They have lower capital and operational costs than other inkjet printers.
3. They are suitable for printing on most substrates and can use a wide range of inks.
4. With use of micro-plunger valves, DOD inkjet printer has high resolution print head.
5. With smaller valves, drop on demand inkjet printer functions in higher print speed (up to 4 m/s).
6. These valves employ unique jewel-based wear surfaces, significantly increasing print quality, service life and eliminating print-head blockages.

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