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  • Domino Small Character Ink Small character inkjet ink is in liquid state and has different colors. Because of its perfect functions, small character ink is widely used on many industries, such as food, beverage, building material, pharmacy and plastics. Domino CIJ ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. The known boiling point is...
  • Domino Large Character Ink Domino large character inkjet ink applies to Domino DOD (drop on demand) printers. Large character ink is manly made of butanone, ethanol, resin and dye and it belongs to inflammable and explosive material. So this ink should be kept away from flame and static electricity. Domino DOD ink should be sealed to preserve in ventilated place and can be stored for two years under 0℃ to 25℃...
  • Domino Solvent Domino make up refers to solvent or thinner of inkjet ink. It is an indispensable part for printing ink. According to boiling point, ink solvent can be classified as low boiling point (below 100℃), middle boiling point (100°C to 150℃) and high boiling point (150°C to 250℃). Solvent for Domino inkjet inks belongs to low boiling point. The boiling point is 78°C. Butanone is its main...
  • Domino Wash Down WL-200 Wash down is also named cleaner or cleaning solution. Domino wash down WL-200 is transparent cleaning fluid which is mostly made up of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. This cleaner belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. The volatile material in it accounts for 99%. The flash point is below 6°C. The boiling point is 78°C. Domino print head cleaning ...

Domino Inkjet Inks

WDD’s Domino inkjet inks are highly compatible with the world famous Domino inkjet printers. We provide both large character ink and small character inkjet ink for Domino printers. WDD has adopted advanced inkjet ink manufacturing technology from abroad. Our Domino printing inks are highly compatible with Domino original inks. Since we have efficient production line and cheap labor, WDD can offer you Domino inkjet ink with low costs.

1. Before filling, the ink will come through triple filtration in order to prevent nozzle blockage. All our filters are imported from American PALL (A listed company, who has advanced technology in filtration, separation and purification industries in the global).
2. Small character Domino inkjet inks can stand high temperature and voltage.
3. Domino printing ink has better glossiness and clear color.
4. Domino small character inkjet ink dries fast. It dries naturally in 0.06 seconds. And it can be air-dried in 0.02 to 0.03 seconds.
5. According to analyzing different features of nozzles in different inkjet printers, we adapt elements and colors accordingly to manufacture inks.
6. Our Domino inkjet inks do not block the nozzle. This feature makes the nozzle able to work efficiently, and at the same time, extend nozzle’s service life. It can keep the printer work 83 hours stably without stop.
7. WDD imported raw materials with high quality. The printing ink manufactured is difficult to deteriorate, deposit or fade. Domino ink adopts environmental raw material. So our Domino ink is harmless to both human and environment.
8. All the raw materials have been purified before production. Each production process is conducted in standard workshop in order to eradicate outer dust into Domino inkjet inks.

Domino Printing Sciences PLC
Founded in 1978, Domino Printing Sciences PLC (Public Limited Company) has established a global reputation for its continuous development of coding and printing technologies. Through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and in excess of 200 distributors, Domino Printing Sciences PLC sells to over 120 countries offering extensive customer support. Domino’s commitment to world-class excellence in the manufacture and distribution of coding and printing solutions has earned recognition from the UK government and industry bodies. Since it came to China in 1995, Domino has devoted itself to offering Domino inkjet inks solutions on many industries, such as food, beverage, medicine and digital printing.

WDD is a professional manufacturer of inkjet consumables. WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet ink, inks solvent and ink cleaning fluid. WDD consumables are suitable to different kinds of industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino inkjet inks for Domino printer. WDD is a professional Domino printing ink manufacturer in China, who has more than 10 years’ experience.