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Domino Make Up MC-270BK/MC-252WT/MC-261YL/MC-803BK/MC-227RD/MC-236BK

Domino Make Up MC-270BK/MC-252WT/MC-261YL/MC-803BK/MC-227RD/MC-236BK

Domino make up refers to solvent or thinner of inkjet ink. It is an indispensable part for printing ink. According to boiling point, ink solvent can be classified as low boiling point (below 100℃), middle boiling point (100°C to 150℃) and high boiling point (150°C to 250℃).
Solvent for Domino inkjet inks belongs to low boiling point. The boiling point is 78°C. Butanone is its main ingredient. The volatile material in it accounts for 99%. The flash point is below 6°C. Domino print head cleaner is freely soluble in hot water, methanol, diethyl ether, octyl alcohol and acetone. The ink can also dissolve in cold water. Domino make up is used to adjust viscosity of inkjet ink and make it work better. Our products have passed SGS tests. It can be kept for two years in normal temperature (15°C to 25°C).
Our solvent models for Domino inkjet inks include MC-270BK/MC-803BK/MC-227RD/MC-236BK/MC-252WT/MC-261YL.

1. We have more than 10 years in manufacturing experience in Domino make up.
2. Its high quality is comparable to Domino original solvent.
3. Competitive price can be offered by WDD. We have our own factory, which can help you to cut middleman’s fees.
4. Our product package conforms to international export standard. This guarantees perfect condition of products in transportation.
5. The solvent is safe and environmental. Our solvent for Domino inkjet inks does not contain toxic materials, such as methyl alcohol, benzene, toluene, xylene or cyclohexanone.

1. Domino make up belongs to flammable and combustible material, so it should be kept away from fire, heat source and static electricity.
2. Please keep it in sealed bottles and stored in the dark and ventilated place.
3. Please avoid breathing in its volatilized gas.
4. If your skin has contacted with this fluid, please wash using clean water and soap.
5. If it enters you eye, please rinse for at least 15 minutes in clean water, and go to the doctor immediately.
6. You can choose the corresponding ink solvent for Domino inkjet ink according to your inkjet ink model.


Product Category Description Volume Ink Base Application Bottle/Carton
Solvent for Domino Inkjet Inks Solvent 0.825 L MEK Diluting Ink 24

WDD is a professional manufacturer of Domino make up. WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet ink, inks solvent and print head cleaner. Our inkjet inks are widely used to coding on eggs, PET bottles, plastic packs, aluminum foils, glass, cans, cartons, corrugated cases and boxes and shrink wrapped trays and pallets. WDD consumables are widely used in different industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino, Willett, Videojet, Imajes, Linx, Hitachi and Citronix.

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