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EBS Wash Down

EBS Wash Down

EBS wash down is transparent cleaning fluid, which is mostly made up of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. WDD can offer latest year’s MSDS and SGS report about our inkjet cleaning solution if needed.

1. WDD has its own factory, so we can promise to offer you competitive price.
2. EBS wash down’s quality is comparable to original.
3. Our package method of inkjet cleaning solution conforms to internationally-approved standards in order to keep products in perfect condition during transportation.
4. Our company has 10 years’ experience in print head cleaner manufacturing.

1. EBS wash down belongs to irritants, so we should avoid inhaling its vapor.
2. It’s deadly to swallow inkjet cleaning solution.
3. If you breathe in by accident, please move to place with fresh air.
4. Once EBS wash down enters your eyes, please wash immediately.
5. When something emergent happens, please consult doctor in time.
6. Please read users’ instruction book before using.

Inkjet cleaning solution belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. In order to ensure safety during usage, the package bottle must be airtight and put in a ventilated place. Print head cleaning solution should be stored in a place far away from fire, no smoking and static electricity. EBS wash down can be kept under room temperature (15ºC to 25ºC) for two years.

Package and Delivery
We have packing bottle of 1L. The plastic bottles will be put in carton and the double-corrugated carton will be placed on pallet for shipping. The inkjet cleaning solution can be transported by sea or air.


Product Name Description Volume (L) Ink Base Application Bottle/Carton
WDD EBS CIJ Wash Down 1 MEK Cleaning Purpose 16

WDD is a professional manufacturer of inkjet consumables. WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet ink, inks solvent and EBS wash down. WDD consumables are compatible with different industrial inkjet printers, such as Willett, Videojet, Imajes, Linx, and Citronix. Over 10 years’ development, we have got many steady customers both in home and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe.

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