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Ink G306

Ink G306

G306 is a kind of high resolution slow dry ink. This high resolution ink applies to inkjet machines with high resolution, such as Ohayo F2100DOD-GSCD and F2100, DOT-K, iKonMac E18, KML, Reading DOD-GSG and RD-128, IMAJE, Hitachi, Domino, Willett 201-0001-085, XAAR128 and DODDOD-GSGXAAR. Its package bag is made of aluminum and plastic (We can also offer special ink box, bag or bottle as you require). Inkjet ink is widely printed on permeable surface, such as common carton, multilayer, gypsum board and textile. The ink will not dry, if it is used on materials that cannot absorb water, such as plastic and metal. Under normal atmospheric temperature, high resolution ink has two years’ storage period.

1. The printed information on surface of plastic and foil can keep clear for a long time. The character printed using inkjet ink is wear-resistant, which means very difficult to decolor.
2. The ink is of high filtration precision. Multi-stage filtration removes impurities whose diameter is more than 0.45μm. Dust-free and airtight method is used during bottling process.
3. It is suitable for various industries, especially for plastic, glass, ceramic and metal.
4. Our high resolution ink is easy, fast and clean to use.
5. This ink can form exact drop-point.
6. Inkjet ink makes inkjet printer work continuously without blocking nozzle, so as to decrease usage cost and breakdown.
7. It’s economical to adopt bags as package. This package method saves space and is safer for transportation.

1. Our inkjet inks should be fully stirred before using and closed at once after using.
2. When stirring, please add 10% to 15% dilution to dilute the ink to the printing density you need. If you need the ink dries faster, please add 5% to 10% special curing agent.
3. When the screen is blocked, you can use cleaning fluid to wash.
4. Before bulk printing, it would be better to make an advanced copy in case the ink does not meet your needs. Though plastic has similar appearance, they may be made up of different materials.
5. If wire-drawing or ink scattering happens during shift printing, you can put some slow dry paste to decrease the density of high resolution ink.
6. Slow dry ink cannot be used in too high temperature, because high temperature will influence ink’s original quality.
7. Inkjet ink is inflammable, so it should be kept away from flame and stored in dark environment.

Payment, Package and Delivery
1. Payment terms include T/T and Western Union.
2. Double layer corrugated cartons will be palletized when shipping.
3. We will deliver the products by sea or air.

WDD is a professional high resolution ink supplier. Main products include industrial inkjet inks, ink solvents and ink cleaning fluid. WDD consumables can work stably in different kinds of industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino, Willett, Videojet, Imajes, Linx, Hitachi and Citronix.

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