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Ink GK6600-GS is a kind of high resolution and fast dry ink. GK6600-GS is black and dries fast. GK6600-GS is applied in inkjet printer with piezoelectric nozzle (XAAR128 and 126). It is used to print words, like production date, on products. This kind of black inkjet ink can be used in many industries, such as daily necessity, food, drink, pharmacy, plastic, fabric and metal. GS works on various non-absorbent surfaces including glossy paper, metal, foil, mylar, cellophane, and so on. It is suitable for printing in winter and compatible with imported original ink. Under normal atmospheric temperature, high-resolution jet ink has two years’ storage period. Our standard package capacity is 800 ML, 1000ML, 1200ML and 5000ML. Other package capacity can be customized as you require.

1. Color is vibrant and color gamut is excellent.
2. Color and density can keep consistent between different batches.
3. The words will dry in 10 seconds if you use high resolution fast dry inks to print. This ink is environmental. All raw materials are imported. We adopt advanced technology during production process.
4. Quality of black inkjet inks is stable. Multi-stage filtration removes impurities whose diameter is more than 0.45μm. Dust-free and airtight method is used during bottling process.
5. High-resolution jet ink has strong adhesion force, so it can be used on a wide range of plastic and paper substrates.
6. The words printed by using high resolution fast dry inks have high resolution.
7. This ink will not block nozzle and can keep continuous working state. Thus lessen wear of the print heads.
8. The ink maintains strong adhesion on resin coated photographic paper.

1. Before purchasing our black inkjet inks, please make sure that your inkjet printer is of high resolution and high definition. If you have small character, CIJ or big character inkjet printer, our high-resolution jet ink is not suitable.
2. The characters printed by high resolution fast dry inks dry in 10 seconds. If you stop using inkjet printer during using process and the interval time is more than 30 minutes, you should use cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle before reusing.

Payment, Package and Delivery
1. We are able to receive two payment including T/T and Western Union. You can choose either to pay.
2. Double layer corrugated cartons will be palletized when shipping.
3. We will deliver products by sea or sea.

WDD is a professional manufacturer of industrial inkjet alternative consumables. Main products include industrial inkjet ink, ink solvent and ink cleaning fluid. WDD black inkjet consumables can work compatible with different kinds of industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino, Willett, Videojet, Imajes, Linx, Hitachi and Citronix.

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