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GT250 Handheld Inkjet Printer

GT250 Handheld Inkjet Printer

GT250 handheld inkjet printer is widely used in many industries, such as food, beverage, pharmacy, chemical and cement. This portable inkjet printer is suitable to printing date or serial number on large commodities, like cartons and plates. It can print characters both on goods with permeable surface (cartons and textiles) and on products with impermeable surface (metal and plastic pipe and ceramic). GT250 handheld inkjet printer is held by hand when printing.

1. Low cost is our advantage. Our factory is located in Wuhan, where the transportation is very convenient.
2. GT250 is light and practical. It weights only 1.5kg.
3. Its printings have strong adhesion force and dries fast. The characters printed are clear and bright in color.
4. GT250 handheld inkjet printer adopts bluetooth communication technology, which makes it connect with computer seamlessly and a computer can control several printers at the same time.
5. You can edit the printing information through PC. It is very convenient.
6. The height and thickness of characters can be adjusted by rotating print head.
7. Portable inkjet printer is equipped with internal automatic ink pressure control system.
8. GT250 handheld inkjet printer applies efficient and environmental lithium battery which can be rechargeable.
9. The battery can work more than 24 hours if charged. The portable inkjet printer can function when battery is during charging.

1. If the light on handheld inkjet printer flashes, it means the battery needs charging.
2. If the printed characters are obscure, you can check whether the nozzle is blocked. Cleaning liquid can be used to wash the print head at first. If the printing is still obscure, please check and change ink cartridge.
3. When the portable inkjet printer is working, please don’t touch print head or synchronizing wheel.
4. Don’t remove cartridge at will. Please put it back to tool case after usage.

Parameters of GT250 Handheld Inkjet Printer

Nozzle 16 points
Character Height 20 mm to 50 mm 
Print Speed 40 meter/minute
Printing Matrix 5 × 5, 5 × 7, 10 × 10, 10 × 16, 16 × 16
Message Length 16 memory location, 150 characters (5 × 7) per message, 75 characters (16 ×16) per message
Print Features ASC Ⅱ visible characters/More than 6000 secondary national standard Chinese characters/Flip left to right and upside down character/Positive sequence and negative sequence character string/Multi-column spray printing (1 to 4 lines)/1 to 8 ascending or descending product counting coding/Real time clock and date/Can set up automatic repeat spray printing content
Character Style English/Chinese character, numbers, diagrams
Communication Interface Bluetooth communication, maximum communication distance is eight meters.
Power Source Charger: 12.6V /1A DC/battery: 12V (5% higher or lower)
Working Environment Temperature: 0℃ to 45℃/air humidity: 10% to 90%
Ink Specification MEK ink, alcohol based ink or special ink as requirement
Weight 1500g with 10g variance (including battery and fulfilled ink cartridge)
Ink Cartridge Capacity 150ml, 250g with 5g variance

WDD has more than 10 years’ experience in inkjet alternative consumables, such as inkjet ink, solvent and cleaning liquid. We also supply industrial inkjet printer. We have our R&D team and factory. Our inkjet ink works efficiently in different inkjet printers, like CIJ and DOD printers. The GT250 handheld inkjet printer is widely used because its convenience.

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