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  • Hitachi Small Character Ink Hitachi small character inkjet ink is fully functional. It is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, building material, pharmacy and plastic industries. WDD’s ink for Hitachi CIJ printer covers ink JP-K27/JP-K67/JP-K72. Hitachi ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. The liquid is black. At room temperature...
  • Hitachi Solvent TH-18 Hitachi solvent (make up) TH-18 is mainly made up of butanone. Both Hitachi make up and its vapor are flammable. It can irritate or restrain our nervous system, so this solvent based ink should be placed far away from fire, heat and static electricity. Please avoid inhaling its vapor. If one breathes in by accident, please move this person to place with fresh...
  • Hitachi Wash Down Hitachi wash down, also named inkjet print head cleaning liquid, is mostly made up of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. Inkjet cleaning liquid belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. In order to ensure safety during usage, the package bottle must be airtight and put in a ventilated place. Print head cleaning solution should be stored in a place far ...

Hitachi Inkjet Inks

WDD’s Hitachi inkjet inks are widely used for coding on various industries, such as, beverage, food, liquor, medicine, pesticide, chemical engineering, building material, pipe, floor, plastic, wire cable, tobacco, ceramic, lubricant, sanitary pad, metal, glass, rubber, paper, wood and automobile part.

1. Hitachi inkjet ink is inflammable, so keep it away from fire, heat source and static electricity.
2. Hitachi continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing ink belongs to irritant and is easy to volatilize. Please avoid inhaling its vapor or any contact with eyes or skin.
3. Wash with water and soap if there is contact with skin.
4. Once into eyes, flush with water at least for 15 minutes.
5. Hitachi inkjet ink should be kept in sealed containers and stored in ventilated and dark place.

Brand Introduction of Hitachi
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. is established on April 1, 2002. It integrates research & development, design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of Hitachi printers. Hitachi continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing system is very popular allover the world.
Hitachi’s business concept is embodied in the phrase “Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, contributing to environmental protection and energy conservation”. With environmental issues, such as global warming, becoming more and more urgent, Hitachi has been researching energy efficiency and green energy to improve the global environment. And this company is developing related equipment and systems by applying developed products and refining technologies to its own plants. Hitachi aims to contribute to the improvement of environments using its technological capabilities. Achieving continuous growth is the objective of the company’s business.

WDD is professional in manufacturing industrial inkjet consumables, such as inkjet inks, solvent inks and cleaning liquid. Its Hitachi inkjet inks are highly compatible with Hitachi original inks. Besides inks for Hitachi printers, WDD also produce inkjet inks of other famous brands, like Domino, Willett and LINX. Environmental protection, high compatibility and low price are our strengths, which make WDD’s products widely used in many industries all over the world.