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Imaje Wash Down 5100

Imaje Wash Down 5100

Wash down, also called cleaning fluid, is a necessity for different coding equipment, such as inkjet, pad printer and manual printing machine. Imaje wash down 5100 is used to clean print head, internal ink-road system, inkjet printer and wrong characters printed on products.
Imaje inkjet printer cleaning fluid 5100 is transparent liquid and mainly made up of butanone.Butanone is an important ink solvent. Cellulose nitrate and synthetic resin are soluble in it. So Imaje wash down 5100 is widely used to clean inkjet ink.

1. Internationally-approved package method is employed to guarantee Imaje wash down’s perfect condition during transportation.
2. Imaje wash down’s high quality is comparable to Imaje original cleaning liquid.
3. WDD owns factory, which makes its production cost much lower.
4. WDD has more than 10 years’ manufacturing experience in inkjet ink cleaner.
5. Imaje wash down 5100 is low toxic.
6. Imaje inkjet printer cleaning fluid can clean various dirt sticking on products quickly and completely without damage their surface.

How to Clean Print Head
Firstly, drain the ink in print head, then inject cleaning liquid to soak for more than 10 hours. Secondly, expose print head under small ultrasonic vibration. Each vibration is less than three minutes. After each vibration, use a syringe to withdraw the liquid from ink inlet. Keep repeating the second step until the liquid in print head is transparent. If ultrasonic vibration has little influence on cleaning, you can lengthen soaking time and repeat the second step.

1. At room temperature (about 15°C to 25°C), Imaje inkjet printer cleaning fluid’s storage period is twp years. Imaje wash down 5100 and its vapor are flammable, so this cleaning solution should be stored in sealed bottle and put at a ventilated place.
2. Imaje inkjet printer cleaning solution should be placed far away from fire, heat and static electricity.
3. Please avoid inhaling its vapor. If one breathes in by accident, please transfer this person to place with fresh air.
4. If Imaje wash down 5100 splashes into eyes, please wash eyes with clean water.
5. If you have touched inkjet printer cleaning fluid, please wash skin with water and clean with mild soap.
6. Please read instructions before using.


Model Description Volume (L) Base Application Bottle/Carton
WDD Imaje 5100 CIJ Transparent 1 MEK Cleaning 16

WDD is a professional manufacturer of inkjet consumables. WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet inks, solvent inks and inkjet printer cleaning fluid. Our Imaje wash down 5100 is widely used to clean wrong coding on eggs, PET bottles, plastic packs, aluminum foils, glass, cans, cartons, corrugated cases and boxes and shrink wrapped trays and pallets. Besides Imaje, WDD produce inkjet consumables of other brands, such as Domino, Imajes, Linx, Hitachi and Citronix. Through 10 years’ development, we have got many steady customers both in home and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe.

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