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  • Linx Small Character Ink Linx small character inkjet ink is fully functional and widely used for coding and marking in many industries, such as, beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic. Small character inks include black ink 1010, high adhesion ink 1056, white ink 1059 and yellow ink 1039. Linx inkjet ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl...
  • Linx Make Up 1505/1512/3501 Linx make up has three models (1505/1512/3501) and two colors (colorless and light green). Linx additive and its vapor are flammable and harmful to human health. It can irritate or restrain our nervous system. So this solvent based ink should be placed far away from fire, heat and static electricity. Please avoid inhaling its vapor. Once one breathes...
  • Linx Wash Down 0030 Linx wash down, also called print head cleaning solution, is transparent cleaning fluid which is mostly composed of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. Linx cleaner belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. In order to ensure safety during usage, the package bottle must be airtight and put in a ventilated place. Print head cleaning solution...

Linx Inkjet Inks

Linx inkjet inks are widely used in different industries, like beverage, food, wine, pesticide, chemical, medicine, household necessities, building materials, pipe, floor, plastic, electronic, cable, seed, tobacco, ceramic, lubricants, sanitary towel, metal, rubber, paper, wood and auto parts. This printing ink is suitable for jet printing on aluminum foil bags, aluminum cans, plastics (ABS and PVC), glass, metal and cartons. Printing effect would be better with supporting solvent.
Linx inkjet inks have features of heat resistance and water resistance, which ensure better adhesive force of the ink. In addition, characters printed with this ink have fast drying speed.

Brand Introduction of Linx
Industrial marking solutions from Linx Printing Technologies Ltd (Linx), a part of the Danaher Group’s Product Identification platform, are renowned globally. Manufacturing industries across the world benefit from our expertise in coding on products and packages, on which product identification codes, batch numbers, producing and expiration dates and barcodes are printed.
Linx is professional in manufacturing continuous inkjet printers, laser coders, impulse jet printers and thermal transfer printers, which are used on production lines in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive and electronic.

Brand Advantages
1. Well known for reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership, Linx provides coding and marking solutions for millions of items every day through distribution network and overseas sales offices.
2. As a leader in continuous inkjet and laser marking industries, Linx holds a large share in global market. Linx concentrates on pursuit of excellent technology, high quality products and efficient marketing by professional management.
3. It is Linx’s strategy to expand business by developing innovative products and effective marketing through international distribution network.
4. Linx has its own sales, marketing and customer service operations in UK and France. Its distribution network covers more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.
5. Since its formation in 1987, Linx has earned a reputation for thoughtfully designed and well manufactured products. The company has consistently invested a high percentage of turnover in new products research and development.
6. Linx coding and marking machines are simply designed to ensure trouble-free operation, which maximize machines’ service time and lower cost of ownership.
7. All Linx distributors meet the highest standards when it comes to after-sales service.

WDD is a professional Linx printing ink manufacturer, who has more than 10 years’ experience. Our Linx inkjet inks are comparable to Linx original inks, but with much lower price. Besides ink for Linx inkjet printer, other inkjet consumables, like solvent ink and ink cleaning fluid, are also covered by WDD. The brands of our inkjet ink alternatives include Domino, Willett and so on.