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Matthews Ketone Based Ink JAM-4013

Matthews Ketone Based Ink JAM-4013

Ketone based ink is mainly made up of butanone, ethanol, resin and dye. It is suitable for large character inkjet printers, like Matthews drop-on-demand (DOD) printer. Matthews Ketone based ink JAM-4013 is used to print eye-catching marks on impermeable surfaces, such as cement bag, metal and glass.

1. This inkjet ink for DOD printer can print with exceptional dot sharpness and readability.
2. Adhesion ability is enhanced on woven bags, such as cement bag.
3. Matthews Ketone based inkjet ink has fast drying speed.
4. There is little residual left in the bottom of bucket, which means the ink can almost be used totally.
5. Ketone based inkjet ink for DOD printer will not block print head because of its film-forming property. When the printer stops, a protection film will be formed outside nozzle in order to protect the print head from being blocked.
6. In field of cement, Matthews Ketone based inkjet ink has solved problem of forming a layer of ash cement and residual ink on the nozzle surface, which reduces nozzle blockage.
7. Inkjet ink for DOD printer is difficult to diffuse if printed.
8. The ink has better physical characteristics, like glossiness and flexibility.

1. Matthews Ketone based ink and its vapor can enter human body by breathing, skin absorption or eyes. When using, please avoid direct contact. If the ink enters eyes or splashes onto skin by accident, please wash with clear water or go for doctor immediately.
2. This inkjet ink for DOD printer should be sealed preserved in ventilated place and can be stored for two years in 0℃ to 25℃.
3. Matthews Ketone based ink belongs to inflammable and explosive materials, so it should be kept away from flame and static electricity.

Package and Delivery
We have package of 18.9 L/Barrel, 5 L/Barrel and 1 L/Barrel.
Products are delivered by sea or air.

Parameters of JAM-4013

WDD Model Ref Model Description Volume Ink Base Application
WDD Matthews JAM-4013 JAM-4013 DOD Black 1L/5L/5Gallon MEK Cement Industry, Metallic/Surface

WDD is a professional manufacturer of Matthews Ketone based ink. Main products include industrial inkjet inks (large character ink and small character ink), inks solvents and ink cleaning fluid. Main product brands include Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje, Hitachi, LINX and Citronix. Our inkjet ink for DOD printer is highly compatible with the original Matthews ink.

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