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  • Metronic Small Character InkMetronic small character ink is manufactured based on MEK and mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. It is widely used for marking in different industries, such as, beverage, food, metal chemical, biomedical, cosmetic, electronic, wire and cable, plastic building material and daily necessity...
  • Metronic SolventMetronic solvent (also called Metronic make up) is applied to adjust ink’s viscosity in order to make the inkjet ink work better. It is widely used on various package industries, like food, beverage, medicine, cosmetic, daily necessity, auto part, building material, hard/soft plastic, glass, ceramic, cable and wire, plastic pipe, electronic, steel, tire, metal and ...
  • Metronic Wash DownWash down is another name for print head cleaning solution. Metronic wash down belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. This transparent cleaning fluid is mostly made up of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. In order to ensure safety during usage, the package bottle must be airtight and put in a ventilated place. The cleaning...

Metronic Inkjet Inks

Metronic inkjet inks are mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. Metronic printing ink and its steam are inflammable. So the ink should be kept away from flame, heat and electrostatic source. Besides, Inks for Metronic inkjet printer should be stored in sealed bottle and put ventilated place. At room temperature (about 15°C to 25°C), the storage period of Metronic inkjet inks is two years.

1. Top brand raw materials are imported from Germany and America. In addition, stability of all materials has been inspected before production.
2. In production process, we have three grade ink filtration and two grade product inspection before sending Metronic inkjet inks to customers.
3. Filters adopted are imported from PALL (an American listed company, who owns advanced technology in filtration, separation and purification industries)
4. Characters and pictures printed by compatible ink for Metronic inkjet printer has bright color, clear effect, fast drying speed and good adhesion force.

Please read instruction book before using. Metronic inkjet inks belong to irritant and central nervous system inhibitor. Therefore, Metronic ink for inkjet printing should be placed in area out of human reach. It is harmful or even deadly to swallow. Fresh air is needed when one breathes in by accident. Once Metronic printing ink splashes into eyes, wash with fresh water. If skin is exposed to the ink, use water to wash and mild soap to clean skin. In case something urgent happens, a doctor is needed immediately.

KBA-Metronic GmbH
KBA-Metronic GmbH (Metronic) is a member of KBA. Today, Metronic is one of the leading suppliers of printing and coding systems. The product line has continually expanded since the company was founded in 1972. The quality management system of Metronic has been certified by the independent certification company DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen). Hereby all processes, like development, production, sales and service of coding machines as well as the corresponding consumables (Metronic inkjet inks / make up / wash down), have been reviewed by certain criteria.

WDD is a professional printing ink manufacturer in china with more than 10 years’ experience in inkjet consumables. WDD’s ink for Metronic inkjet printer is provided for global customers. Till now, a favorable reputation has been gained from foreign customers. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, etc. Besides Metronic inkjet inks, other inkjet consumables (like make-up and wash down) are very popular at home and abroad.