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WDD 43S Plus Small Character Inkjet Printer

WDD 43S Plus Small Character Inkjet Printer

The WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer is a kind of small character printer. It can be used to print production date and numbers on production package. The machine has a wide application scale, like chemical, beverage, food, etc. It supports 34 dot matrix printing. The WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer is featured by excellent stability and reliability as well as the superior printing of high clarity.

A. Excellent performance:
1. WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer exhibits superior printing of high clarity because of the unique ink viscosity and liquid level detection technique.
2. The nozzle clogging can be avoided because of dissectible nozzle.
3. Magnetically controlled non-contact high voltage switch successfully prevents the machine malfunction.
4. The software controls high voltage to avoid hardware malfunction.
B. Easy maintenance
1. The circuit system and ink system are separated to avoid the accidental damage to WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer in maintenance and use.
2. Drawer type ink system makes the maintenance more convenient.
3. It is easy to find machine’s malfunctions, thus it can reduce maintenance expenses and damage by immediate repair.
C.Complete functions and easy operation
1. WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer is equipped with auto cleaning function of nozzle to ensure the running durability and stability
2. Unique 34 dot matrix design is applicable for varied identification requirements of customers across different industries.
3. The Chinese display menu is equipped with the built-in 3000 Chinese word stock, pinyin input and full-featured pattern on-line editing function.
4. The self-rotary ink adding system saves the time of replacement of ink tank and consumables.
5. WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer supports data transmission and enables to combine with other electronic equipments (for instance, weighing instrument, computer) to constitute a perfect automatic identification system.
6. The custom-made printing font and printing mode according to customer’s needs is available.
D. Superior printing quality
WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer provides the printing of high clarity in a wide variety of industries
1. It has 16 bit phase control, accurate ink droplet dispersion position and precise charging
2. It is specially designed and developed ink collections for optimal printing effect
3. It supports real time detection as well as the automated adjustment of ink temperature viscosity and pressure

Standard printing performance of WDD 43S plus Small character inkjet printer:

Font    Printing Sample
5×5 single line
5×7 single line
7×9 single line
11×16 single line
17×24 single line
5×7 double line
7×9 double line
11×16 double line
5×7 triplex line
Word and pattern

Details of WDD 43S plus small character inkjet printer:

Line speed capability   1.Max number of lines of text up to 4 2.Max line speed up to 210 m/min (Based upon single line, 10 characters per inch)  
Font matrix configuration   1.Single-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16, 17×24 2.Twin-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16 3.Tri-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9 4.Quad-line: 5×5, 5×7  
Nominal character   1.Selectable from 2mm to 18mm depending on font
Throw distance   1.Optimal: 10mm 2.Range: 5mm-15mm
Keyboard   1.Standard keyboard, including numeric, alphabetic and special function keys
Custom logo/graphics   1.It can be edited directly on printer or PC by individual user
Display screen   1.320×240 LCD display 2.WYSWYG onscreen message editing
Print head   1.Diameter: 38mm 2.Length: 289mm
Print head umbilical   1.Length: 2.5m 2.Diameter: 21mm 3.Bend radius: 150mm
Temperature/humidity range   1.5°C to 
Positive air pump
Double electric eye triggered print
Round-trip jet printing
Variable database information transmission
Dry air kit     
Product detect for high humidity (requires plant air)
Fault relay
3m print head umbilical
Wide range of accessories
Chinese character stock, Pinyin input 
Auto-cleaning nozzle as startup & shutdown  
Screen of Chinese information edit and display
Password protection system
Auto-counter, repeat counter function  
Continuous ink jet printing  
Jet printing by shifts Production date and expiration date printing
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