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Rottweil Inkjet Inks

Rottweil Inkjet Inks

Rottweil inkjet ink is fully functional. It is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, building material, pharmacy and plastic industries. Alternative ink for Rottweil covers black ink, white ink, red ink, yellow ink, blue ink, high adhesion ink, solvent ink and cleaning liquid. Rottweil ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. At room temperature (about 15°C to 25°C), Rottweil inkjet ink’s storage period is 2 years.

1. All raw materials for Rottweil inkjet ink are imported from America and Germany.
2. Strict clean production control is adopted in whole production process. Inkjet inks’ density, viscosity and conductivity must reach or approach standard of Rottweil original inks before filling.
3. Characters and pictures printed by alternative ink for Rottweil printer has bright color, clear effect, fast drying speed and good adhesion force.
4. Our products have passed SGS and flame retarding certification.
5. Rottweil inkjet ink has high filtration precision. It adopts quadruple filtration. WDD import filters from PALL (an American company with most advanced filtration, separation and purification technology in the world).
6. Alternative ink for Rottweil use internationally approved package method to pack, which makes sure perfect condition of goods in transportation.
7. Our Rottweil inkjet ink has better compatibility, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Brand Introduction
Rottweil was dedicated to develop and produce most reliable industrial non-contact inkjet printers, to serve various applications all over the world in past 10 years, with easy coding solution. Our technology, reliability, and integrity have made us a recognized name in coding/marking field. Possessed with talented staff all over the world, Rottweil provides most competitive inkjet printers with affordable operating cost, advanced features, and stable performance. As one fast growing manufacturer, Rottweil is striving for partnerships all over the world to share the growth of coding/marking industry.

Instruction and Suggestion
1. Please read manual instruction before using our alternative ink for Rottweil.
2. You should choose model of Rottweil inkjet ink on basis of the material and requirement of your products.
3. This alternative ink for Rottweil and its steam both are inflammable, so it should be kept away from flame, heat and electrostatic source. It should be stored in sealed bottle and put ventilated place.
4. Rottweil inkjet ink belongs to irritant and can restrain our central nervous system. If you breathe in its vapor by accident, please move to place with fresh air.

Packing and Delivery
Barrel package capacity is 1 L and double layer corrugated cartons will be palletized when shipping. Products can be transported by sea, air or as you require.

Parameters of Rottweil Inkjet Ink

WDD Classifications Description Volume (L) Ink Base Application Bottle/Carton
WDD Rottweil Black Inks Black Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil White Inks White Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil Yellow  Inks Yellow Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil Blue Inks Blue Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil Red Inks Red Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil High Adhesion Inks High Adhesion Inks 1 MEK General Printing 16
WDD Rottweil Make Up Make Up 1 MEK Dilution 16
WDD Rottweil Wash Down Cleaning 1 MEK Cleaning Printer 16

WDD is a professional manufacturer of inkjet consumables. Main products include industrial inkjet inks (small/large character inkjet ink), solvent inks and ink cleaning fluid. The Rottweil inkjet ink sells well in home and abroad. Besides alternative ink for Rottweil printers, WDD consumables are highly compatible with other industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino and Imaje.

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