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  • Videojet Small Character Ink Videojet small character inkjet ink is fully functional. It is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, building material, pharmacy and plastic industries. WDD’s Videojet CIJ printing ink covers ink 16-8530, white ink16-2560Q, yellow ink16-2500 and cleaning liquid 702. Videojet ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid isopropyl alcohol. The ...
  • Videojet Solvent 16-8535/2565/2505/8205/8545 Videojet make up is a kind of inkjet ink solvents. It is transparent liquid and mainly made up of butanone. The ink solvent is used to adjust viscosity of inkjet ink and make ink function better. You can choose the corresponding Videojet make up according to your ink model. Vediojet solvent and its vapor are flammable. It can irritate or restrain our nervous system, so this...
  • Videojet Wash Down 702 Wash down, also called cleaning fluid or cleaning solution, is a necessity for cleaning different coding equipments, such as, inkjet, pad printer and manual printing machine. Videojet wash down 702 is used to clean print head, internal ink-road system, inkjet printer and wrong characters printed on products. Videojet inkjet printer cleaning fluid 702 is transparent liquid and mainly made up of butanone. It is used to clean print head of inkjet printer....

Videojet Inkjet Inks

WDD manufactures inkjet ink which is highly compatible with Videojet inkjet printing equipment. Therefore, it is named WDD Videojet inkjet inks. Our inks for Videojet inkjet printing equipment can be comparable with Videojet original inks, but price is much lower.
Comprehensive and complete product line and advanced identification technology enable Videojet provide customers with perfect industrial inkjet printing solutions. Videojet’s products is widely used in industries like food, beverage, metal chemical, biological medicine, electronic products, electric wires, plastic building material and daily supplies. Videojet inks are applied to print codes on packages, which is convenient for identifying or tracing product.

1. WDD adopts triple filtration to make sure Videojet inkjet inks’ high purity.
2. The ink for Videojet inkjet printing equipment adopts environment friendly raw materials, which avoid pollution to environment and harm to human.
3. It will not degenerate or precipitate if stored for long time.
4. Videojet inkjet inks are difficult to block nozzle, which extend inkjet printer’s service life.
5. Advanced technology is imported from abroad and put into production in domestic, which lowers the purchasing costs from abroad.
6. High adhesion makes the character printed can stay longer on surface of substrate.
7. It has better electricity conductivity.
8. Fast drying speed improves inkjet printer’s working efficiency.
9. Videojet inkjet inks can stand high temperature and voltage.
10. Ink in Videojet inkjet printing equipment is easy to clean.

Brand Introduction of Videojet
Videojet Technologies is a member of American DANAHER Industrial Group. DANAHER is one of the top 500 enterprises of United States and also a leader in package label market. Headquarter of Videojet is located in Chicago Area, Wood Dale, Illinois. It has 3500 sale and service employees in more than 90 countries.

WDD is professional inkjet printing ink supplier. Main products cover inkjet ink, solvent and cleaning liquid. Advanced technology is adopted from abroad. But with lower production cost in WDD’s factory, we are able to offer products of much lower price and high quality. Besides Videojet inkjet inks, WDD has alternative inks of other brands, such as Domino, Willett, Linx, and so on.