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Wash Down GB700X/Q407X

Wash Down GB700X/Q407X

Wash down, also called wash solution or ink cleaning fluid, uses a certain process to mix and emulsify industrial washing oil, non ionic surfactant, organic acid, organic amine and water. GB700X and Q407X are developed for high resolution inkjet printers. It is environment-friendly. High resolution ink cleaning liquid is applied to clean inkjet printer, coding machine and ink recorder of high resolution and high definition. Wash solution is also used to clean the ink on printing plate, ink roller, metal roller and blanket. The cleaner can be used to replace inks during printing interval so as to reduce the possibility of nozzle blocking. When the ink dries, the nozzle may be blocked. If blockage happens, wash down can be used to clean the nozzle. Under room temperature, high-resolution ink cleaning fluid has two years’ storage period.

1. WDD has its own factory, which assures that the price of its products is low.
2. Strong detergency and fluidity make wash down clean the residual ink efficiently, and at the same time protect jet nozzle and prolong its service life.
3. Our package method conforms to international export standard, which can make sure the products remain intact during transportation. Our product’s inner packing design adopts the bag and outer packing design uses the cassette. This method makes products safe in transportation and saves space.
4. Wash down GB700X and Q407X’s quality is as good as cleaning fluid of some original brands, such as Domino, Willett, and so on.
5. This ink cleaning fluid is safe to use, because it’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, pollution-free and non-inflammable.
6. Neutral gentle formula makes wash solution harmless for our hands.

1. Please make sure that you have cleaned the ink residual in jet printer’s nozzle when the machine is not in use.
2. When using this wash down, please add some into a special cleaning bottle, and spray it on the code machine, nozzle or product surface. You can also use a paper towel or a clean cloth with cleaning fluid to erase wrong printing.

Payment, Package and Delivery
You can pay by T/T or Western Union. Double layer corrugated cartons will be palletized when shipping. We will deliver products by sea or air.

WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet inks, solvents and wash downs. WDD consumables can work efficiently in different kinds of industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino, Willett, Videojet, Imajes, Linx, Hitachi and Citronix.

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