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  • Willett Small Character Ink Willett small character inkjet ink is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, building material, pharmacy and plastic industries. WDD’s Willett CIJ ink covers ink 601/600/630, white ink 085/081, red ink 603, high adhesion ink 012 and solvent ink 402 /417. Willett ink is mainly made up of acetone, butanone, methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and acetic acid...
  • Willett Large Character InkWillett large character inkjet ink applies to large character inkjet printers, such as SQ2, Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje and Matthews. Large character ink is made up of butanone, ethanol, resin and dye, which are all inflammable and explosive materials. So it should be kept away from flame and static electricity. Willett inkjet inks should be sealed to preserve in ventilated ...
  • Willett Solvent 401/402/417 Willett make up (also called ink additive or solvent) is transparent liquid and mainly made up of butanone. It is used to adjust viscosity of inkjet ink and make ink function better. There are three models 401/402/417. You can choose the corresponding ink additive according to your ink model. Willett ink additive and its vapor are flammable. It can irritate or...
  • Willett Wash Down 702 Wash down, also called cleaning liquid or cleaning solution, is a necessity for different coding equipments, such as, inkjet, pad printer, manual printing machine. Willett cleaning liquid for inkjet printer is used to clean print head, internal ink-road system, inkjet printer and wrong characters printed on products. Willett wash down is convenient to use. It can be directly applied to...

Willett Inkjet Inks

WIDODA Co., Ltd (WDD) manufactures industrial inkjet inks suitable for Willett printers. The inks are used for industrial coding & marking. The physical demands of coding & marking applications are generally very high, so we always select a high quality and pure raw material as the base for each ink. We then perform thorough and ongoing compatibility and application testing. WDD Willett inkjet inks match the performance achieved by Willett original inks, and in many cases, WDD has provided a significant improvement in ink reliability, drying speed or compatibility with a more varied range of substrates.
Willett inks can be widely used in food, beverage, building material, electric wire, medicine, chemical and electronic industries. This industrial inkjet ink is especially suitable to print on aluminium can, glass bottle, metal, electric wire and building material. Printing effect will be better if used together with solvent of Willett ink product series.

1. Willett inkjet inks have stable performance.
2. Willett ink is totally compatible with Willett original ink, and can mix up with Willett original ink directly
3. Extra cleaning equipment to clean or readjusting inkjet printer is not needed.
4. Willett industrial inkjet ink will not block or damage nozzle if mixed up with Willett original inks.
5. Willett inkjet inks have better printing effect, adhesion force, waterproof and light fastness compared with Willett original ink.
6. Pure water of zero electric resistance is adopted as basic material, and the inkjet ink goes through multiple filtering. So its purity is very high and it can be used completely.
7. Good consistency of the Willett ink makes it printed without diffusion.
8. Willett inkjet inks have passed ISO9000 certification.
9. Industrial inkjet ink production in WDD is the most advanced.

WDD is professional in manufacturing Willett inkjet inks. We are not just an industrial inkjet ink supplier, but also a producer of ink solvent and cleaning liquid. Our products can work stably in different inkjet printers, such as Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje, Hitachi, Linx, Citronix, Matthews, EBS, Rottweil, Metronic, Leibinger, KGK, and so on.