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  • CIJ Inkjet Printer CIJ printer is short for continuous inkjet printer. The print head contains an ink drop-generator with a vibrating drive rod. This creates ultrasonic pressure waves in inkjet ink, breaking the ink up into individual droplets. When these droplets fall between a set of electrodes, individual droplets are intermittently charged. The size of the charge...
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Industrial Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printer is a type of computer controlled inkjet printers. It creates image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. Industrial inkjet printing machine shares similar principle with the inkjet printer on your desktop, but the only difference is in scale. All inkjet technologies can fundamentally be described as digitally controlled ejection of fluid drops from the print head onto a substrate.
Industrial inkjet printers, according to technologies they are based on, are classified as CIJ inkjet printer (continuous inkjet printer) and DOD inkjet printer (drop on demand inkjet printer). For continuous inkjet technology, the industrial inkjet printing machine ejects drops continuously from the print head. Then these ink-drops are directed either to the substrate as printing drops or to a collector for recirculation and reuse. For demand technology, industrial inkjet printer ejects ink-drops from the print head only when required.

1. Compared to earlier consumer-oriented color printers, industrial inkjet printers are quieter in operation. They can print finer and smoother details through higher print head resolution.
2. In comparison to more expensive technologies like laser printing, industrial inkjet printing machine have the advantage of practically no warm up time and lower cost.
3. The printer can print on objects of different materials, such as, paper, plastic, metal and glass.
4. Some types of industrial inkjet printer are capable of very high speed printing, for example, it can print character on more than 1000 bottles per minute in coke production line.
5. The printing machine will not damage the surface of printed substrate in printing progress. The printing machine jets ink, so it does not contact the surface of substrate directly.
6. It is easy to edit and modify the printing content. Since industrial inkjet printing machine is controlled by computer, it is easy to add some changeable codes, such as date, sequential number and batch number.

Features of CIJ & DOD Inkjet Printer

Printer Type CIJ DOD
Character Height 0.06 mm to 15 mm 2.5 mm to 64 mm
Printing Speed General speed Fast. It can reach 120 m/min.
Ink Density When functioning, the ink can be cycle used. Ink density is unstable. When functioning, the ink does not recycle. Ink density will not change.
Ink Supply System Ink recycling system brings dust and humidity into the machine, thus affect printer’s regular working. Ink supply system is well sealed, so it prevents ink from being polluted.
Operation Situation Control system is complicated. CIJ printer needs accurate parameter adjustment to make sure normal working. Control system is reliable and simple. It is easy to operate and maintain.
Air Supply It needs air supply from outside. Quality of air has direct effect on machine’s serving life. DOD industrial inkjet printer has low pressure air supply system of its own, which can provide clean air for machine.
Air Tightness CIJ depends on gear pump to offer ink. So the generator requires ventilation and heat rejection when in high speed operation. The equipment has good air tightness. It has no high-power components, so it does not need to dissipate heat.
Maintenance Gear pump is easy to wear and it can not be repaired. Cost of replacement is high. It has no vulnerable parts. The maintenance cost is relatively lower.

WDD has more than ten years’ experience in manufacturing inkjet consumables, such as industrial inkjet ink, solvent and ink cleaning liquid. Our inkjet consumables are compatible with industrial inkjet printers of different brands, such as Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje, Hitachi, Linx and other famous industrial inkjet printing machines. WDD is also a printing machine supplier. It offers different kinds of inkjet printers which are applicable to coding and marking in various industries.