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Leibinger Wash Down

Leibinger Wash Down

Leibinger cleaning solution for print head is transparent cleaning fluid which is mostly made of butanone. It is mainly used for cleaning print head. Leibinger wash down belongs to volatile, flammable and combustible material. In order to ensure safety during usage, the package bottle must be airtight and put in a ventilated place. The cleaning solution should be stored far away from fire, no smoking and static electricity. Leibinger cleaning solution can be kept under room temperature (15°C to 25ºC) for two years. WDD can offer latest year’s MSDS and SGS inspection report about Leibinger inkjet print head cleaning liquids if needed.

1. Raw materials of Leibinger wash down are imported from Germany and America. In addition, stability of all materials has been inspected before production.
2. WDD has more than 10 years’ manufacturing experience in cleaning fluid.
3. Quality of WDD Leibinger cleaning solution for print head is comparable to Leibinger original cleaner.
4. WDD owns factory, which assures customers a factory direct sale price.
5. Internationally-approved packaging method is taken to guarantee Leibinger wash down’s perfect condition during transportation.

The cleaning solution for print head can irritate or restrain our nervous system. Please avoid inhaling its vapor. If one breathes in by accident, please transfer this person to place with fresh air. Once Leibinger cleaning fluid enters eyes, please wash with clean water. You should wash with water and mild soap if it splashes onto skin. When something urgent happens, please go for a doctor in time. Please refer to instruction book for more details before using.

Parameters of Leibinger Cleaning Solution

Product Names Description Volume (L) Ink Base Application Bottle/Carton
WDD Leibinger Ink CIJ Black 1 MEK Marking 16
WDD Leibinger Solvent Solvent 1 MEK Dilution 16
WDD Leibinger Wash Down Wash Down 1 MEK Cleaning 16

Packing and Delivery
We offer barrel package with capacity of 1 L. Products can be transported to destination by sea, air or as your requirement.

WDD is a professional manufacturer of inkjet consumables. WDD’s main products include industrial inkjet ink, solvent and print head cleaner. Our cleaning fluids are environmental friendly. Leibinger wash down is highly compatible with Leibinger original cleaning liquid. In addition, WDD cleaners can work compatibly with other different industrial inkjet printers, such as Domino, Willett, Hitachi and Citronix.

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